Need an alternative to training outside? This gym cross-training session is great to build or maintain your endurance in those situations where you are not able to train outside. For example, because of bad weather conditions, if you are on a business trip, or if you are not able to train safely during daylight.

This workout makes use of the various fitness equipment you will find in almost all gyms, even the gyms at hotels or airports. Ask a trainer in the gym to demonstrate the exercises if you are not sure how to execute them. Poorly executed exercises can cause injuries, so be careful.

This cross-training workout uses training zones to indicate workout intensity, read this explanation of training zones if necessary.

1. Core Stability – 5 minutes

Perform your favorite core-stability exercises for 5 minutes. Choose the exercises as you wish.

2. Treadmill Running or Stationary Bike – 10 minutes

After the core exercises, start with warming up your body.

For runners or triathletes – treadmill running:

10 minutes of easy jogging in zone 1 on a treadmill. During these 10 minutes, build up to zone 2 by slowly increasing your running pace.

For cyclists or swimmers – stationary bike:

10 minutes of easy spinning in zone 1 on a stationary bike. During these 10 minutes, build up to zone 2 by slowly increasing your cycling pace.

3. Elliptical Cross-trainer – 15 minutes

After running or cycling, continue to the elliptical cross-trainer for a 15-minute block. In this block, start with 10 minutes alternating easy/hard, followed by 5 minutes easy.

10 minutes alternating:
60 seconds easy in zone 1
60 seconds hard in zone 4

5 minutes easy in zone 1

4. Rowing Machine (ergometer) – 15 minutes

After the elliptical cross trainer, head for a rowing machine.

Start with 5 minutes easy rowing in training zone 1 to 2. After these 5 minutes, perform the following block 5 times:

60 seconds in zone 3
30 seconds in zone 4
30 seconds easy recovery in zone 1

Focus on your form during the whole exercise. With rowing it is easy to loose form, which can be detrimental to your back.

5. Stair Climber or Stepper – 10 minutes

The final machine before cooling down on the treadmill or stationary bike, is the stepping machine or stair climber.

Perform the following block 4 times:

60 seconds easy in zone 1
30 seconds hard in zone 4 – focus on activating your glutes
60 seconds moderate in zone 3

6. Treadmill Running or Stationary Bike – 5 minutes

Finish this cross training endurance session with 5 minutes of easy jogging on a treadmill or easy spinning on a stationary bike as a cool down in zone 1. Slowly allow your body to relax from the exercising. If you have some time left, do some stretching afterwards as well.

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